Cone-Ring-Transmission (KRG)

Our new Transmission for the asian market

The Cone-Ring-Transmission ("KRG") is an innovative automatic transmission for use in smaller vehicles.

The main advantage of the KRG is its optimised efficiency in all driving conditions and excellent ride comfort. Compared to other CVT’s, the KRG does not require hydraulic regulation. This results in a compact, low weight design with competitive production costs.

GIF-E´s Chinese partner is launching the KRG into series production for the vehicle class of 150 Nm torque,


Features of the KRG:

Weight 58.5 kg
Torque capacity 150 Nm
Length 330 mm
Shaft distance 180 mm
Start up ratio 14.8
Ratio spread 6.0
Variator spread 2.6 - 0.4
Final drive ratio 5.7