Axial Piston Engine


The Axial Piston Engine is an innovative, internal combustion engine that operates with continuous combustion in a single, cylinder shared, combustion chamber. Because of this shared principle, the energy contained in the exhaust gas heat exchanger results in a higher efficiency. Another advantage of continuous combustion is, that it meets current and future emission restrictions – without a catalyst (eg. 28 ppm NOx at full load).

The Axial Piston Engine runs on a variety of fuel, is compact and operates completely without vibrations. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) highly recommends this engine.


Highlights of the engine:

  • Increase efficency and realisation of fuel variety
  • Reduction of CO2-emissions
  • Reduction of other pollutants such as CO, HC, NOx
  • Use of the exhaust gas energy - in modern engines more energy is lost in the exhaust gas than is used
  • Redused noise
  • Contribution to sustainability: unsing renewable energy such as biomass for fuel


Axial Piston Engine on test bench
Axial Piston Engine on test bench
Detailed view on version AxG1


more detail


more detail