GIF-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

The managing directors of GIF-E have been working for many years as lecturers and managers of innovative transmission and conceptual engines. With the establishment of an independent company it is intended to develop projects purposefully with a clear focus on marketing and launching those projects into production.

According to the industry experts who maintain the conventional drive system technologies, in the coming years, fossil fuels will play a significant role in new motor vehicles. Simultaneously, the pressure of politics and society, consumption and use of low emission engines are increasing. Therefore, an improvement in the conventional drive train by a significant increase in energy efficiency or through the use of CO2-neutral biofuels is of considerable importance. In particular, the developments of GIF-E with its significant efficiency improvements (>25%) have attracted great interest from automotive companies and suppliers.

The business concept of GIF-E is accompanied primarily by the trend of further outsourcing in the automotive industry. For 2015, according to experts, the share of suppliers is estimated to be around 82% of the value added (Automobilwoche Spezial 10/2015). This trend offers particular niche players, such as GIF-E, good opportunities in the future.